How green is your home? A new tool designed by a California-based nonprofit can answer this question. It also shows how much money you can save with solar panels


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How much money can you save with solar panels?

Whether or not you have solar panels installed on your home, there are always opportunities to be more energy efficient in 2014. PetersenDean uncovered a new green calculator launched by BuildItGreen that shows how much money and energy you can save by employing technologies like solar panels. Energy calculators are all over the Internet, but this new version is more sophisticated and was designed through a partnership with the Department of Energy and the GreenPoint Rated Project. The calculator is designed to help California homeowners learn more ways to be energy efficient, while generating a green home score. Give it a try.

Calculator shows cost of solar panels and green home score

After using the green home calculator, it is clear that solar panels are one of the best ways to make your home more sustainable and deliver significant, long-term savings on electricity. Solar power is becoming a popular choice for homeowners, especially as California energy prices continue to rise and the costs of solar technologies continue to fall. Plus, installation efficiencies and streamlined permitting and tax credits are making solar more affordable and easier than ever to install. Solar power provides fantastic long-term savings returns. Consider that the estimated savings for a home with a 4.5 kW PowerSaver Series solar system is about $2,100 per year, reducing the monthly electricity bill by $175 per month. Tax credits totaling about $5,100 are also available for most home owner. But what we like most about this new calculator is that it allows homeowners to input other information about gas and water consumption to get other ideas on how to save money, whether or not a home is already generating solar power.

Play with the green home calculator and if you are exploring solar power, contact PetersenDean for a no-obligation solar estimate. We offer affordable solar packages, and the lowest price per watt in the industry. With 30 years of roofing and solar experience we are happy to help homeowners save money and become more energy efficient.