PetersenDean Announces Fund to Address Mid Size Solar Energy Projects


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PetersenDean the nation’s largest privately held roofing and solar energy company announced today that is has created a new fund to address small to mid sized solar energy projects.

The fund will primarily serve customers that tend to be overlooked by the larger Solar PPA providers, such projects would range from 50 to 500KW. “I am delighted to announce today that an entire community that has been overlooked and under served in the past will now have a source they can rely on for low cost and high performing solar energy systems” said Jim Petersen, Founder of PetersenDean.

PetersenDean has built its “Best in Class” reputation by building high performing and long lasting smarter roofs and solar energy systems.

PetersenDean was founded in 1984 and has built over one-million new roofs and solar energy systems. PetersenDean operates in over seven states and was named contractor of the year in 2009. PetersenDean can be found at