How Many Solar Panels Are Needed to Power an Average House in America?

In the United States, the average home consumes about 10,400 kilowatt-hours (KhW) of electricity each year. Assuming a given solar panel produces 250 watts of power, you’d need 28 to 34 of them to meet your annual electricity requirements. But do you consider your home “average”? Whether you do or not, other factors besides panel...

Why Are Solar Panels So Expensive?

In 2019, the national average for the cost of a home solar panel system was over $12,000. That’s even after tax credits were factored in. Size is one of the most important variables in what a solar system costs. While a 2kW solar panel system might cost just under $6,000 before tax credits, a 25kW...

How to Get Insurance to Pay For Your Roof Replacement

For those of us fortunate enough to own a home, having homeowners insurance is a legal necessity. However, some homeowners may not fully understand the scope of their coverage. Most home insurance policies cover roof replacement when the damage is a result of extreme weather events like hurricanes, tornadoes and fires. Once you cross over...

Can I Install Solar Panels Myself?

Can you install solar panels yourself? The short answer is ‘yes’, but there are some serious drawbacks to going it alone. Installing solar panels isn’t exactly as simple as mounting a light fixture or swapping out your water filtration system.  We live in an era of YouTube, do-it-yourself videos. And while we all enjoy saving...

Find Out The Truth About Net Metering 2.0

Understand Net Metering and NEM 2.0 What is Net Metering? Net Metering is an incentive for solar power system owners that allows you to store extra energy in the electric grid. You receive credit from the utility company for the extra power you create. You can use the credit to buy power for your home when...

HERS Breast Cancer Foundation Spring Successes

A "Big" Donation & The 10th Annual HERS Breast Cancer Foundation People with Purpose Pink Tie Gala Pictured L to R: Gary Liardon, President & COO, Consumer Division; Jill Tamaru, Director of Customer Experience, Corporate Division, HERS Executive Director Tina Fernandez Steckler, and Mark Vogel, President & COO, Builder Division. On February 27th, 2019,  PetersenDean...