California Roofing Components

Selecting a material for your new roof is a homeowner’s primary concern, but there are other roofing system components that need to be considered during a reroof project. Components like gutters and ventilation come in a variety of styles, and can have an effect not only on how your roof looks, but on the overall comfort and energy-efficiency of your home. PetersenDean’s consultants can advise homeowners about their best options for these roofing components to ensure a quality roofing installation.


Gutters, which run beneath the roof line, are necessary for proper roof drainage on sloped roofs. The size, shape and color of a gutter system are tailored to the style and color of the home. Seamless gutters are very popular because they are a durable, professional looking gutter. They can be produced quickly on the job site, requiring less labor and installation time during the roofing project.

Seamless gutters are seamless because the gutters are produced from a large coil of strip metal. This metal coil is loaded onto a gutter machine that rolls the metal through and forms the metal into the gutter in the desired style and length. No seams. Seamless gutters do in fact have some seams to account for roof corners, gutter end caps, and troughs cut for downspouts. Some common seamless gutter styles or fascias include the following:

Seamless Gutter K-Style Gutter Curved Fascia Gutter Deco Gutter
Seamless Gutter System curved tile shingle roof Seamless Gutter K-Style composition shingle roof Seamless gutter curved fascia style flat concrete tile roof Seamless Gutter Deco style curved tile roof

Your PetersenDean representative will discuss gutter options during your roof consultation.

Watch as our certified roofing crew demonstrates seamless gutter production and installation.

Video: Seamless Gutter Production & Gutter Installation


Attic ventilation is an integral component of a roofing installation project, to ensure compliance with building codes and maximize the comfort of your home. Roof vents extend the life of a roof, prevent mold and moisture, guard against internal temperature extremes and reduces the cost of heating and cooling a home. Your roofing material and style preferences will determine the type of ventilation that will be right for your home.

One of our PetersenDean representatives will discuss ventilation options and layout design during the roofing consultation.

O’Hagin’s Vents Dormer’s Vents Eyebrow Vents Ridge Vents
Residential Roofing flat concrete tile shingle O'Hagin vent Residential Roofing Composite Shingle Dormer Vent Residential Roofing composite shingle ridge vent