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With energy prices on the rise across the country, more and more homeowners are converting their homes to solar power. Installing solar power is a clean and sustainable way to lower monthly electricity bills today avoid future rate increases. PetersenDean offers a level of expertise and transparency that is unmatched among our competitors. 90% of residential solar power is installed on roofs and we bring a quarter century of roofing knowledge and solar power installation experience to our customers. We continue to simplify the solar process and lower costs with solar packages. We offer standardized designs, up-front pricing, American made products and great financing options. We are ready to help you start saving with solar power today.

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Solar Power with the Roofing Experts

Solar is affordable. The cost of solar panels has fallen 50% since 2008, while many utilities have raised electricity rates over the same time period. Converting a home to solar electricity is very affordable and an easy process with PetersenDean. We are the only major solar company that is also a licensed roofer. Our straightforward pricing reduces soft costs, and your installation will be professional and effective.

Solar Tax Credits and Incentives

The Federal Solar Tax credit is available to further reduce the up-front costs of home solar power. PetersenDean’s philosophy is to help our customers own the solar power that is installed on the roof. Our dedicated teams show you all the incentives available to reduce your upfront costs and maximize your solar savings.

Solar Financing Options

The cost of solar panels and installations are declining, and now homeowners have several financing options to significantly reduce or eliminate the upfront costs of solar power. PetersenDean offers several financing products to help our customers pay for their solar installation. For homeowners interested in financing their solar power installation, PetersenDean will have a solution that is right for your project.

Eliminate Your Electricity Bills

Whether you purchase your solar power system, or use financing, the price of solar electricity is cheaper than your monthly utility. PetersenDean works with each of our solar customers to understand their current electricity costs and propose a solar installation solution that meets your savings goals and works within your roof and site details. A PetersenDean solar installation will save you money.

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