California Solar Rebates

Rebates & Tax Credits

There are several solar rebates and tax credits available for California homeowners depending on location and the rebate amounts available from your utility. In most states, the rebates and tax credits can reduce solar installation costs by as much as 40%, making solar installation more affordable than ever.

Solar incentives are not indefinite and most state and federal solar incentives have a planned phase out over time. Declining solar prices combined with declining solar incentives, make now the best time to consider a solar project to take advantage of the solar subsidies to lower the solar installation costs and maximize your overall solar savings.

California Solar Rebates

California solar rebates savings graph

Solar rebates are available in many states, counties, and cities, and sometimes by utilities. The amount of the solar rebate will vary depending on the type of program, the size of the program and the popularity of the program. For example, the California Solar Initiative Rebate program has been around for several years, but solar rebate programs have dwindled or expired in several utility districts. PetersenDean knows solar rebates in and out. We work with every customer to make sure they know about any solar rebates available.

California Solar Tax Credits

Solar tax credits are another great incentive for homeowners. In California, the Federal Solar Tax Credit represents the largest solar incentive available for home solar power. The current Federal Tax Credit is 30% of the post-rebate price of the solar power installation. This represents thousands of dollars in solar subsidies for homeowners that purchase home solar power. Tax credits can only be claimed by the home owner through federal income tax filing for the year that the solar power installation was completed and signed off by the utility.

Solar Incentives on Leases or Power Purchase Agreements

The ability to claim solar rebates and tax credits depends on how a homeowner decides to pay for the system. Purchasing home solar power allows homeowners to claim solar rebates and tax credits directly and apply them against the turn-key solar installation costs.

Many homeowners are using third-party financing to lower or eliminate the upfront costs to install solar. Solar leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) are very common financing options for homeowners. However when using a lease or a PPA the financing company claims the rebates and tax credits, and passes the benefit onto the homeowner through a low upfront or zero down option to install the project.

Learn What Solar Incentives Are Available

PetersenDean works with each customer to understand their energy needs, savings objectives and goals for the project. With this information our team presents the best option to maximize solar savings and the return on investment. We make sure to find every solar incentive available and provide the best overall value for each solar project.To schedule a free solar assessment and to learn about what solar rebates are available in your area to reduce the cost of home solar power, fill out the Get Started form below, or contact PetersenDean directly at 1-800-564-0362.