What does the sun mean to you?

For us it means 100,000 solar system installations, and over 1 million roofs installed. For us, it means, being the largest privately held roofing and solar contractor. It means that we want you to succeed. Our team designs system solutions to save your business money and do it safely.

We’re committed to doing it right the first time. We want to ensure you are not only successful but happy with the product. From panel to panel, our standards never change, and our passion doesn’t waver.

#1 Home Improvement Contractor

A Quote is Not Obligational.

Our quotes are free, so if you decide solar isn’t right for your business, no pressure. But if you want to change with the nation and grow, solar is the right step for you. More and more businesses are going green. Get ahead of the competition by saving money, and saving on your taxes with Solar4America.

Call us at 1-844-552-4418 to learn more about your solar project and the potential we can help you achieve. Our New Construction Division wants to brighten your ideas and help your business be more competitive.


Every detail about our roofs is flawless.

Perfection is demanded from every business, and we want to help you meet those demands with ease. The people we work with and the teams we trust are guaranteed to bring you the #1 roofing standard we deliver to our customers every day.


Any leak, breakage, hole, and dent in your roof is costing your business money. We know, since we’ve been in this business for over three decades. Your success means our success and it’s important to us to make sure that you’re picking the best roofer for your needs. It’s an investment, we get that, so invest in the most trusted roofers in the nation.