Demand for Solar Roofing Drives Company Expansion, Hiring


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Demand for Solar Roofing Drives Company Expansion, Hiring

PetersenDean Roofing and Solar Corporate Headquarters Expansion

PetersenDean a leading roofing contractor and solar power installer, headquartered in Fremont California is expanding their corporate office space. The company’s 30 year anniversary coincides with increasing demand for solar power and the rebound of the home building industry. This is prompting the company to expand staff and personnel across several departments. “Over the past year PetersenDean has seen demand for reliable roofing contractors, solar power installation and new home construction projects grow,” says Erin Clark VP of Sales and Operations. October 2013, in particular, saw a spike in sales, leading to immediate hiring to meet demand. “We hired 22 employees over the past two months and plan on doubling our workforce in the next two years,” Clark added.

The demand for new home inventory across the country and the declining price of solar power are all contributing to company growth. PetersenDean’s size and experience as a solar roofing contractor is unique in the construction industry. Home builders, home owners and commercial clients are increasingly looking at the cost and savings benefits of solar power integrated into roofing projects. The build out of an additional 4,000 sq. ft. of new office space at the corporate headquarters, is the first step to accommodate growth.