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The landowner shall give 30 days’ prior written notice to each affected adjoining landowner of the nature of the problem, proposed solution and cost of replacement fence.

Yes, a neighbor may make a claim that the costs of construction, maintenance, or replacement of the fence would be “unjust,” due to current fence condition, financial situation, etc…

*Civil court decides if they ultimately need to pay for all, some, or none of the fence

1-5 Days on average. More specifically; a 50-75’ fence typically takes 1 day, 100-150’ = 3 days, 200’+ = 4-5 days.

PetersenDean uses premium wood products that are fresh and “slow grown” for maximum durability; barring any conditions outside our control, our fences will last between 12 and 15 years.

Purchasing a fence can be confusing. Most people are unaware of the many variables that go into the building and installation of a fence. The less you know, the more likely you are to pay more for an inferior product that may not even last long. Our decades of experience and purchasing power allows us to offer the best quality fences at the best prices.

If you do not have clearly defined lot lines, a good fencing company will help you arrange to have a survey done for you to determine exactly where your lot ends and your neighbors’ begins. Depending on your region, there may be additional costs unless they are included in the contract. If you have questions about where the fence should be placed in the context of your home and yard, an experienced fence company will be able to give you guidance.