Fuel For Life Campaign – Solar Electric and EV Charging Station Packages


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Fuel For Life Campaign – Solar Electric and EV Charging Station Packages


PetersenDean Set To Launch Fuel For Life Campaign

Affordable Solar Power and EV Charging Station Packages

FREMONT, CA — PetersenDean, a privately-held roofing and solar company, announced the launch of their Fuel for Life campaign. Designed to save 80 percent off energy bills, the new program will offer PetersenDean’s PowerSaver package bundled with an Electric Vehicle Filling (EVF) charging station installed for as low as $7,700.

People typically spend $800 per month on their energy bills, this program will greatly reduce this to an estimated $70 per month. “The idea behind the campaign is to imagine that you never had to use fuel again. Being able to have fuel for the rest of your life and not be dependent on the ‘drug’ is a concept PetersenDean is striving to accomplish in the future,” said Jim Petersen, founder of PetersenDean. “We need to have a better energy policy and a cleaner and healthier way of living so being able to power your house and car using renewable resources like the sun is one way. Imagine never having to spend money on gas or electricity for the rest of your life, that’s what the Fuel for Life package is all about.”

Using the sun, the solar panel system will provide four solar power packages, along with the EVF charging system. Each package will come with all of the parts and labor necessary to install both the solar panels and EVF charging station in just one day. Since PetersenDean has locations nationwide, homeowners everywhere can take advantage of this unique program, which enables them to significantly reduce the amount of money spent on both energy and gas costs by about 80 percent.

As part of the commitment to build better buildings from an environmental and economic standpoint, the company is reinvesting in America with American-made products by Siemens Versicharge and Suniva for the Fuel for Life package.

“Suniva is delighted to partner with PetersenDean on their new energy saving campaign. As the leading U.S. manufacturer of solar modules, our high-powered Buy America-compliant modules will help fulfill their goal of reinvesting in American-made products,” said Matt Card, vice president global sales and marketing of Suniva.

The PowerSaver Solar packages have straightforward pricing and savings estimates that are offered in a variety of packages, depending upon each home’s needs. Each system is pre-designed, ready to install and eligible for various tax credits. PetersenDean representatives will perform a home solar assessment to determine roof size, roof orientation and shading factors to calculate actual savings for individual homes. It’s estimated that most homeowners will enjoy about 80 percent in savings from both their electricity and gas bills.

Officially launching in September 2013, there are not currently any companies today offering a package comparable to the Fuel for Life campaign. The package can also be financed with no money down and can qualify for tax rebates that will be equivalent to about 30 percent off the total price of the system.