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When building new homes, you have the opportunity to build it right from the get-go. We partner with home builders that aspire to save our clients’ money.

Our experience with roofing gives us more understanding. Who is better as an experienced solar installer than a roofing professional? We’re familiar with the American dream, and want every home we work on to be the dream of our customers. This is why PetersenDean is not only a market leader for roofing with home builders, but for solar as well.

SINCE 1984

Our installations have made us a household name

Our team is professional, motivated and understanding. Let’s work together to provide the best safety standards, customer service, and quality products.

Dedication to you has presented us with the National Housing Quality (NHQ) Builder and Trade Contractor certification. Others have ruined their integrity with non-American products, and overall neglect. Our certifications and warranties deliver a promise to always reach for success.

Stop compromising and start creating today. Our New Construction Division wants to bring your ideas to the next level. Call us at 1-877-552-4418 to learn more about your building project and the potential we can help you achieve.