Orange County Solar & Roofing Solutions

We are proud to be the premier Orange County solar and roofing specialist. During the housing boom, we built thousands of roofs on new developments and communities, and in the late 90s began installing solar roofs for our builder partners and homeowners.

Solar Power Works For SoCal

As electricity prices in Southern California Edison (SCE) continue to increase, the demand for solar power grows with homeowners’ demand for a cleaner and less expensive cost of electricity. Orange County’s long sunny days create ideal conditions for solar power generation. Solar panel costs in Southern California are at an all-time down, so installing solar power just makes sense.  Adding solar to your home makes economic and environmental sense for Orange County.

Good for the Planet; Better for your Pocketbook

Everyone knows using renewable energy, like solar power, is good for the environment. What’s greater? The perfect weather in Orange County can generate enough solar energy to fully power a home and send a surplus back to the grid. That solar power surplus is credited to you, and you can draw the credits back at nighttime and throughout the year.

Orange County’s Roofing Contractor

Our roots are in the roofing industry, we have been installing high-quality roofs since our start in 1984.  Roofing remains the cornerstone of our value proposition for homeowners. If you need a new roof, our licensed roofing crews are trained to install all types of residential roof materials and roof types.

The Right Roof for You

We know the roof over your head, is a long time investment. Your roof should fit the style and aesthetic of your home. We commonly install composition shingle roofs and concrete tile roofs in Southern California but handle flat roofs and custom metal roofs as well. We recently upgraded our facilities and moved our Orange County operations to Anaheim to accommodate increasing demand for quality roofing contractors and solar power installers.

Turn Your Roof into a Solar Power Plant

We help customers find the best roofing and solar solutions to make the switch to solar easy. If it is time for a new roof, it is a great time to consider solar, and we are one of the only companies that can provide a combined roofing estimate plus a solar power analysis. There are a lot of solar contractors advertising, but none of them can match our 30+ years of roofing experience. Our customers enjoy saving money with solar power, along with the added peace of mind that comes from knowing their roof is also protected with a warranty that covers both the roof and the solar power system.

The Best Warranty Money Can Buy

In Anaheim, we make sure your warranty will bring you peace of mind for your home. We want you to love your roof and solar system and are committed to making it last! We are proud to have the best roof penetration warranty in the nation.  Unlike most of our competition, our warranty covers the entire roofing system and the cost of labor and for the life of your roof.  Competition tries to cut corners on their solar warranty, our solar warranty covers the entire area around your panels for added protection of your system.

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