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PetersenDean has provided residential roofing services to Central Valley customers for over 20 years. Fresno and Central Valley communities continue to grow, and we grow in kind to meet the rising demand for high-quality roofing and solar installations. We recently expanded into a new Madera facility, giving our team a central hub to service the entire Central Valley. Our team provides a wide range of roofing materials in a variety of color and styles to meet your look and budget. Plus we are the only company to offer homeowners in Fresno solar roofing warranties to protect your home and guarantee years of solar savings.


Over the years, we have helped thousands of homeowners and home builders save with solar power. Homeowners in the Central Valley feel the squeeze of rising electricity bills electricity rates that are already the highest in the nation. The good news is that long, sunny summer days provide an ideal condition to generate cheaper, cleaner solar power. Solar4America is your chance to generate your own power so you can flip off expensive PG&E electricity and lock in the lowest electricity rate. Homeowners get the maximum benefit of solar power and the best solar savings.

Solar4America gives Fresno homeowners competitive prices on the highest-quality American-made solar equipment. Take control of your power and lock your electricity rate as low as $0.09 per kWh through solar ownership, no solar leases. Save money today and know that your installation was completed by the most experienced residential and home builder solar roofing contractor with the best products and warranties in the industry.


The PetersenDean mission is to design and build world-class Central Valley roofing and solar solutions. If it is time for a new roof, we can provide you with a free roofing estimate for any size or type roof. Plus we provide an additional solar power analysis for homes to complement your roof and show you how solar can save you money. We are the only major solar contractor that also a licensed roofer. Central Valley homes and businesses benefit from hiring a trusted contractor with 30+ years of roofing and solar installation experience. there is a lot of new solar companies advertising, but experience counts in construction. Our customers enjoy a one-stop-shop for their roofing and solar needs with the peace of mind that their contractor has 30+ years in business and the only combined roofing and solar warranty in the industry.

Address & Contact Information

408 South Teilman Ave.
Fresno, CA 93706
(559) 892-1611

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