Riverside Solar Roofing

PetersenDean provides solar roofing to Riverside and San Bernardino Counties from our Riverside office. PetersenDean has a long history of installing roofs and solar power systems in Riverside County. We were proud to be the Riverside Solar Roofing Partner for the Harmony Project in Fontana, CA. We built the roof and solar systems for the first entirely “Green Community” in California’s Inland Empire. And all our homes here exceed Title 24 standards by 15 percent.

This project is just one of many housing projects and residential roofing + solar projects that we have built through the years. We are proud to provide world-class solar roofing design and installation throughout the Inland Empire.


Roofing is the cornerstone of our value proposition for homeowners and home builders. As the largest privately-held roofing contractor, our crews are trained to install all types of roofing materials and hold manufacturers’ certifications. Homeowners and home builders want to hire reliable and skilled local contractors, and Roofs4America customers have confidence in our 30+ years of roofing experience, and the additional peace of mind that comes with a best-in-class roofing warranty.


The high desert is a great environment for renewable energy. Wind farms speckle the region, but individual homeowners can greatly benefit from solar power. California has the highest electricity rates in the country, and the hot summers only drive monthly electricity bills higher. But the sunny days and mild weather provide excellent potential for solar production and great solar savings. Homeowners feel the squeeze of rising electricity bills, and PetersenDean has lowered the cost of solar for homeowners with our Solar4America systems. Take control of electricity costs with a solar power package that is ready to install at an affordable price.


As a roofing contractor that is licensed for solar installation, we provide Riverside and San Bernardino with a one-stop-shop for roofing and solar power. If you need a new roof, it is a great time to have a solar assessment done for your home. Our representatives provide free solar roofing estimates for any size or type roof, plus we can provide a solar power analysis to learn your potential solar savings. Our customers enjoy the simplicity of having one contractor to install both a roof and solar power system. And we offer flexible payment plans and the only integrated warranty covering both the roof and the solar panels.

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1820 Container Circle
Riverside, CA 92509
(951) 441-3620

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