Arizona Roofing and Solar Power Solutions

PetersenDean expanded our roofing services to Arizona in 2001. Our focus started out as a roofing contractor for new home construction to support our national home builder partners. PetersenDean continues to perform work for all of the major Arizona home builders, and averages more than 1,000 roof installations every year. We now provide roofing and solar power services to homeowners throughout Arizona for all types of home and energy needs. PetersenDean continues to be one of the largest and highest rated roofing contractors in the state.

From Roofing to Solar Power

PetersenDean has expanded our service offering to include solar power as Arizona legislation provided more benefits to convert to solar power. We offer roofing and solar power design and installation services to the majority of Arizona from the Phoenix and Tucson branch offices. PetersenDean employs skilled craftsmen, project managers, support personnel and solar energy consultants and takes great pride in more than 7,500 roofing and solar power installations across the state.

Arizona’s Premier Roofing and Solar Power Solutions

Supported by its national brand, PetersenDean Arizona leverages strategic vendor relationships and national purchasing power of the parent company. Arizona homeowners and business benefit by working with one of the only contractors licensed for both roofing and solar installation. When bidding a new roof, it is great time for a solar power assessment. Our integrated roof and solar power solutions offer convenience and great value for our clients. One contractor to design and build roof and solar power leads to better designs, faster installations, lower costs and comprehensive warranties that cover the entire roof and solar project. Experience, quality roofing and solar products, “Best-in-Class” workmanship, and responsive customer service lead to a great value for our customers.

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