Tuscon Solar Roofing Experts

PetersenDean is the largest privately held roofing contractor, with a total of 30 years. The company expanded operations into Tuscon in 2001 and has been installing roofing and solar power for homeowners and the nation’s largest home builders. We have thousands of happy customers, and the Tucson team is ready to help you install the new roof or start saving with solar power today.

Solar4America Is the Right Solar for Tuscon

Tuscon is a great location for homeowners looking to switch to solar. Solar4America are simple solar packages designed and affordable price to make the switch to solar power easy. PetersenDean’s Solar4America packages help homeowners across the greater Tuscon area lock in electricity rates lower than those currently offered by the utility. Plus you own the system, professionally installed by PetersenDean.

Solar4America Benefits

  • Pre-configured solar packages using All-American panels and inverters
  • Professional Installation by PetersenDean licensed for roofing and solar installation
  • Own your power, claim local and federal solar tax credits
  • Flexible Payment plans, Start saving with $0 Down, Flexible terms, no leases.
  • 5 Star 30 year warranty

Need a roof? Then It’s the Perfect Time to Go Solar

PetersenDean’s 30-year roofing heritage makes us a logical choice for any roofing or solar power project. As the only major contractor licensed as a roofer and solar installer, PetersenDean is empowered to give our customers the additional peace of mind that comes from working with an established and reputable contractor. Our local team can help you assess your roof and at the same time provide you with a solar proposal to see how much you could be saving with a Solar4America package.


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