California’s Roofing Contractor

PetersenDean began as a roofing contractor in California’s Bay Area way back when Ronald Reagan was in his first term as President. Founders Jim Petersen and Joe Dean (local Californians) founded PetersenDean in 1984 in their garage in San Jose, California.

Since then, PetersenDean has built over one-million new roofs and thousands of “best-in-class” solar energy systems across the county.

From Roofing To Solar Power

PetersenDean is one of the oldest solar power builders in all of California, having constructed its first solar power system in 1985. In the late 1990s, Petersen Dean was brought in by General Electric to be the builder of choice for its new solar tiles supporting a top national home-builder to design, construct and deploy five-hundred solar powered homes. This project proved to be one of the early solar roof success stories in California, finishing just ahead of the large “black-outs” resulting in an entirely new energy policy in California.

Since those early days, PetersenDean has incorporated its roofing and solar power solutions into an integrated service offering for homeowners and businesses across California. One contractor to design and build a new roof and solar power leads to better designs, faster installations, lower costs and comprehensive warranties that cover the entire roof and solar project.

PetersenDean Regional Offices

PetersenDean has grown it’s roofing and solar power construction services across California employing over 2,500 workers from 8 regional offices and is proud to be the leader in roofing and solar power system design and installation.

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