West Sacramento

Solar Roofing Solutions in Greater Sacramento

PetersenDean provides roofing and solar power installation to the Greater Sacramento area from our West Sacramento office. PetersenDean has been the roofer of choice for the nation’s largest home builders and has roofed thousands of homes throughout the Sacramento Area over the last 20 years. The local team is immensely proud of the thousands of roof and solar power installations completed for homeowners and businesses.

The Sacramento area is unique for the different electric utilities that cover it: PG&E services the majority of the region, but Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) provides electricity to Sacramento and the surrounding communities of Folsom down to Elk Grove. The PetersenDean team knows the ins and outs of all these utility districts and we take care of all the permitting and utility paperwork for all solar roofing projects.

Solar4America Is The Right Solar For Sacramento

The hot weather in the Sacramento Area drives up electricity bills during the summer, but those long, hot summer days provide excellent potential for solar production. A Solar4America solar package can lock your electricity rate as low as $0.07, making it the best alternative to replace expensive PG&E electricity. Solar4America packages use American-made solar equipment at affordable package pricing. Harness the sun’s power and save money month after month by converting to the lowest cost per kWh and never worrying about rate hikes again.

Reroof Your Home With a Solar Roof

PetersenDean helps customers find the best roofing and solar solutions to make the switch to solar easy. If it is time for a new roof, PetersenDean provides free roofing estimates for any size or type roof, plus our expert consultants will do a complimentary solar assessment for homes and businesses. If you are already in the midst of, or planning a roofing project, why not take the opportunity to learn how solar power can save you money?

As the largest national solar roofing contractor licensed for solar installation, we provide our customers with a one-stop shop for Sacramento solar roofing projects. We have been installing roofs for 30 years, and our customers enjoy the simplicity and peace of mind of working with one lone contractor to install both a roof and solar, along with industry-leading warranties for both the roof and the solar installation.

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