Manufacturers See Promise in Residential Storage Market

President and CEO Jim Petersen discusses the future of residential battery storage in this Solar Power World article. The future is here!

About 25% of all PetersenDean’s residential solar sales include a battery element, but president and CEO
Jim Petersen said he expects that number to grow another 25% in 2018.

“With advanced digital technology, new storage options and supportive partnerships, I believe the
prospects for storage battery technology get brighter every day,” he said.

Petersen said reliability and independence from the utility are the main reasons his customers add
storage. His company offers it as an option to every solar customer.

Some of the selling points his team uses are:

Storage can provide emergency power backup for peace of mind, and when the grid goes down
customers will still have power (for essential loads) and their solar systems will continue to work and

Self-consumption is a way to protect their investment. Storage allows customers to store excess solar (at
full value) and draw from it as soon as their usage exceeds production, avoiding unnecessary fees and
taxes that are now added to exported PV power.

Customers’ electric bills are protected from high time-of-use rates, which gives them flexibility in an
ever-changing utility landscape. When the utilities change their rates and TOU timeframes, customers
can adjust the battery’s discharge times at the touch of a button.

Petersen said his company likes to offer LG Chem and SolarEdge’s storage solution because it gives
customers a choice of using their backup power only when the grid goes down or to help limit future
grid use when their solar system is not producing the amount of energy needed to power their home.

“We are indeed at the start of a new generation of energy, and hopefully we will continue down the
road,” he said.

Jim Petersen
Jim Petersen
President and CEO, PetersenDean Roofing & Solar
Fremont, California
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