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Trust Our Brands to Get the Job Done Right

Trust Our Brands to Get the Job Done Right


image-parters-01We take every job personally.

With more than a million roofs and solar installations, showing you the whole resume is impractical. NASA and The Coast Guard may get your attention. It’s really the long-term relationships with national companies we’re proud to display. They represent 34 years of earning trust.

image-partners-02#1 Residential Roofer: Over 1 Million Roofs & Solar Systems Installed Since 1984

  • McCarthy


  • NASA


  • Roebbelen


  • Vanir


  • Taylor Morrison

    Taylor Morrison

  • Ponderosa Homes

    Ponderosa Homes

  • KB Home

    KB Home

  • D.R. Horton

    D.R. Horton

  • Summerhill Homes

    Summerhill Homes

  • Tollbrothers


  • Christopherson Homes

    Christopherson Homes

  • Pulte Homes

    Pulte Homes

  • Elliott Homes

    Elliott Homes

  • Centerstone


  • Clarum


  • Bardis Homes

    Bardis Homes

  • Meritage Homes

    Meritage Homes

  • City Ventures

    City Ventures

  • Shea Homes

    Shea Homes

  • Wilson Homes

    Wilson Homes

  • Ryder Homes

    Ryder Homes

  • Warmington Homes

    Warmington Homes

  • Pinn Brothers

    Pinn Brothers

  • Tim Lewis Communities

    Tim Lewis Communities

  • Discovery Homes

    Discovery Homes

  • Trilogy


  • Skanska USA Building

    Skanska USA Building

  • Segue Construction, Inc.

    Segue Construction, Inc.

  • Lathrop Construction

    Lathrop Construction

  • Turner


  • Pardee Homes

    Pardee Homes

  • United States Coast Guard

    United States Coast Guard

We are Proud to Partner with the Industry’s Finest

At PetersenDean our mission is to build world class American made roofs and solar roofing systems at the best possible value for our clients.