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Trust Our Brands to Get the Job Done Right

Trust Our Brands to Get the Job Done Right

Our Team

Great customer service doesn’t just happen. It takes leadership.

At PetersenDean Inc. and Solar4America, we believe in accountability. It’s the driving force behind buying American products and offering roofing and solar together. This team stands with you. We stand with America.

  • Jim Petersen

    Jim Petersen
    President & CEO

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  • Steve Doll

    Steve Doll
    Chief Financial Officer

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  • Mark Vogel

    Mark Vogel
    President – President & Chief Operating Officer, Builder Division

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  • Gary Liardon

    Gary Liardon
    President - President & Chief Operating Officer, Consumer Division

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  • George K. Milionis

    George K. Milionis
    General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

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  • Mark Volpe

    Mark Volpe
    Vice President of Human Resources

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Jim Petersen - President & CEO
Jim Petersen President & CEO

Thank you for coming to PetersenDean

Since I started PetersenDean 35 years ago, we have fulfilled our mission of delivering world-class roofing and solar power systems at the best possible value for our customers. Now, more than ever, I believe that solar power should be accessible for all Americans. In fact, this year, an independent review of California Solar Initiative (CSI) data shows that for the last 12 months PetersenDean has achieved the most affordable solar installation price. The Solar4America campaign is my concept to deliver transparency in solar pricing and drive down the costs of solar power. No “financial magic” or “accounting tricks”; Just a fair price and commitment to quality installation. We look forward to earning your business.

– Respectfully, Jim Petersen, Founder