PetersenDean Roofing and Solar Systems Donates to Tri-City Food Bank; Encourages Others to Give What They Can


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PetersenDean Roofing and Solar Systems Donates to Tri-City Food Bank; Encourages Others to Give What They Can

PetersenDean Roofing and Solar Systems donates cash to the Tri-city Volunteers Food Bank in Fremont for Thanksgiving meals.

“I only wish we could give more but are proud to participate at any level and we encourage others to give what they can because every little bit helps.”

Jim Petersen,
CEO and founder

food_bank.jpgStatistics show that approximately 65% of those who turn to food banks are working class families who struggle to keep a roof over their heads as well as provide food for their families. “Theirs are not the faces you expect to see in a food bank line,” says Melissa Ponchard, Executive Director of the Tri-City Volunteers Food Bank and Thrift Store and while she does not like it, she is “not worried if the line for food donations has increased as long as the line for the homeless does not grow.” A tough reality for anyone who runs a food bank with a daily responsibility to manage the resources required to feed thousands of people. Despite the challenges, is it clearly a career upon which Melissa thrives.

PetersenDean, a local Newark company, usually donates a ton of turkeys at Thanksgiving to a local food bank but with the rising cost of most foods, it became clear that Tri-City Food Bank could serve more people if they used their own resources to obtain the kinds of foods their community consumes. After a thorough examination of her increasingly diverse community, Ms. Ponchard knows foods like rice, beans, potatoes, lentils and chicken make more sense for families and go further than one turkey, “there are some who are not familiar with traditional American Thanksgiving staples but would still like to serve a wholesome, culturally appropriate, meal as they give thanks.” Food banks nationwide have made the tough decision to move away from traditional Thanksgiving fare as the number of those needing supplemental food support population diversity increases.

If you want to help out especially during this holiday season, all you have to do is stop at Tri-City Volunteers Food Bank at 37350 Joseph Street, Fremont, CA to make your tax free financial or food donation.

What your cash donation buys: According to an article released Wednesday by MSN Money staff, a $1 donation to a local food bank provides about five to 15 pounds of food products because of their ability to buy in bulk, staff with volunteers and through their connections in the community who notify them of specials and where to get deep discounts.

What foods do food banks need: fruit and vegetables and canned goods for food boxes such as canned fruit and vegetables, canned meats and fish, peanut butter, pasta, beans, rice, canned soup, low sugar cereal and oatmeal, canned tomatoes, tomato sauce, powdered milk, jalapenos, corn flower, lentils and spices such as cumin, garlic and ginger.

About Tri-City Volunteers Food Bank and Thrift Shop: Tri-City Volunteers is a community-based social services organization. In 2010, through their community food bank, Tri-City Volunteers distributed well over 2 million pounds of food to some 5,500 local families, over 14,000 individuals. Their vision is to enable low-income earners to find pathways to a better life, including pathways away from hunger and homelessness, pathways to employment and job skills with strong, happy, and productive families.

To learn more about Tri-City Volunteers Food Bank and Thrift Store go to

About PetersenDean Roofing and Solar Systems: Headquartered in Newark, California as the largest privately held roofing and solar contractor in the United State, and operating in 15 regional offices across the United States, PetersenDean offers something few other companies can: the ability to guarantee all products and installations above the roof-line. Our commitment to safety, superior quality customer service, and the environment has earned us an industry-wide reputation for excellence.