Commercial – BBVA Building, TX

Project Type

Commercial Roofing – Fully Adhered TPO Roof System

Project Name:

BBVA Office Building


Manhattan Construction


Houston, TX

Project scope/size: 30,000 sq. ft. commercial office building, 23 stories. Fully Adhered TPO Roof System over a structural concrete deck.

Project description/Challenges:
PetersenDean Roofing and Solar installed a fully adhered membrane with ¼” and ½” tapered insulation to ensure positive water flow to all roof drains. The owner required a roof system that would be guaranteed to withstand 110 mph winds by the roofing manufacturer. This required drilling the concrete and fastening the insulation every 1.25 sq. ft. to the concrete deck.

Product(s) used: Firestone Building Products 60 mmF ully Adhered TPO membrane over 3.5” to 14” tapered insulation. 20 year warranty with a 110 mph wind guarantee.