Residential Roof – Mesa, AZ

Project Type

Residential silicone roof coating on flat roof


Mesa, AZ

Project scope/size: The eight-year-old residence is a Pueblo style design. The existing 4,300-square-foot roof surface was elastomeric coated, polyurethane foam over plywood decking with an approximate slope of 1/2″:1′. The two-level roof was divided into several areas by parapet walls.

Project description: The existing polyurethane foam roof was originally applied in a quality manner and had good water run-off, even with only a 1/2″/1′ slope. The polyurethane foam was in good condition, but it was two to three years past its recommended five-year re-coat. The existing elastomeric coating was showing signs of cracking and was very dry from sun oxidation. In order to save this roof from complete removal and re-roofing, it would need immediate attention.

The best selling point was that the silicone coating, when applied carefully and specifically to manufacturer’s specifications, has a manufacturer’s warranty of 20 years. That means the homeowner no longer has to re-coat his polyurethane foam roof every five years. It also lends more durability to a notoriously non-durable polyurethane foam system. This was very appealing to the homeowners as they are constantly pelted by golf balls from the 18th fairway on which they live.

Challenges: During monsoon season, ensuring a dry roof surface before applying the silicone coating.

Product(s) used:

  • Manufacturer: Gaco Western
  • Primer: A-4121 Silicone Primer. (Pink)
  • Silicone: A-2000 Silicone Coating (White for base coat)
  • Silicone: A-1048 Silicone Coating (Tan for top coat)