Residential Roof – Northridge, CA

Project Type

Lightweight tile reroof on multiple-pitch roof


Northridge, CA

Project scope/size: Remove the existing wood shake roof and installed 6000 sq. ft. of new lightweight concrete tile.


  • Multiple-pitch roof (6:12, 7:12, 9:12) required that roofers wear personal protective equipment as part of a personal fall arrest system.
  • Installing tile on the steep turrets at the front of the house
  • Coordination with the homeowner’s painter to complete the job within the allotted 10 days
  • Pool had to be covered to prevent debris from falling into it
  • No equipment access to the roof from the lower backyard
  • Driveway had to be protected from heavy equipment tire tracks

Product(s) used: MonierLifetile “Duralite Slate” lightweight concrete tile