Residential Solar – Foster City, CA

Project Type

Residential Solar Power Foster City with on-gird battery-backup


Foster City, CA

Project scope/size: 7.9kW grid-tied solar power system with battery backup of 16 245- Amp-Hour AGM sealed, no-maintenance batteries, single-story house.

Project description: Following the installation of rooftop solar systems on two of his other properties, this Foster City customer wanted to install solar power for this single-family investment property. His goals: to reduce utility-provided power electrical demand, increase the value of this property, provide energy savings, and enhance the desirability of occupancy by offering reserve power in the event of a power outage.

Challenges: Providing long-term reserve power using the newest improvements in uninterruptible power supply systems designed for PV. Finding out-of-the-way locations for the batteries so as to minimally impact useful space around the home.

Product(s) used: 48 BP Solar SX3195B modules producing 7.9kW of AC power, with two Xantrex XW6048 inverters. The back up system was designed with 16 245 Amp-HAGM sealed, no-maintenance batteries.