Rebuilding Together 2009 in Santa Rosa


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Rebuilding Together 2009 in Santa Rosa

PetersenDean’s Northern California Santa Rosa office has helped the community by volunteering their time to help repair and reroof a home through the non-profit Rebuilding Together.

To the Rebuilding Together Team,
I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the incredible work that you all did on Saturday! I have to say that originally I was overwhelmed by the amount of work that we had to do but as usual you came through with flying colors! Sometimes when you are in the midst of the work you don’t get a real sense of what you have accomplished but if you take a look at the attached pictures you start to see the incredible transformation. Most of you had to leave by the time the homeowner Dorothy Gilbert got home but I can tell you that you she herself was overwhelmed by the work and generosity of such wonderful people.

Rebuilding Together 2009  Rebuilding Together 2009  Rebuilding Together 2009  Rebuilding Together 2009

Just to let you know what you did on Saturday; we were able to replace all the windows in the house with new Milgard vinyl units (20 of them), replace the roof, gutters and downspouts, paint the exterior of the house, clean up the entire property (5 dumpsters worth!) and replant the front yard! Barry, Steve and Bruce, I don’t have the email addresses for your crews so could you please pass along my heartfelt thanks to them as well. I hope this was as fulfilling a day for you as it was for me and thank you all again for the hard work, time and expertise that you put in on this effort.

Best Regards,
Peter Stanley – ArchiLOGIX