Battery Backup For Your Home

Be the smartest home on the block, when your neighbors are in the dark.


Back up essential loads
Store solar power for self-consumption
Demand Mitigation: avoid high grid rates
UL certified
10 year warranty (with capacity guarantee)
24/7 Monitoring
Proven deployment in the USA and Globally
Remotely programmable
May qualify for 30% Federal tax credit when combined with solar

Are You Ready for the Next Outage?

California utility companies are having scheduled brown-outs this summer due to excessive energy use. Your utility company may only give you a warning 5 days in advance for these scheduled outages. Don't be left stranded in the dark for up to 6 hours a day with no reprieve. Solve this problem by adding energy storage to your existing or new solar system!

Energy Storage FAQ

Q: Will my solar stay on during a blackout?

A: Yes, when the sun is present, your solar system will recharge the batteries and provide power directly to your home. You can essentially continue this pattern for months on end, if necessary.

Q: What appliances will stay on during a blackout?

A: Every installation will include an essential loads panel.

This panel is used to safely distribute back-up power to essential loads, such as: your fridge, lights, radio and other necessities that are essential in the event of a black out.

Q: Does the battery system require maintenance?

A: No, battery maintenance is not required.

The battery inverter does not need replacing in its lifetime. The reason for this is that a battery inverter is not nearly as active as it’s solar counterpart.

Q: Are the batteries replaceable?

A: Yes, batteries can be quickly and efficiently replaced.

Q: Can the battery be used for off-grid systems?

A: Yes, but be very conscious of your usage habits.

If you under-design, the risk isn’t a higher leftover utility bill, it’s the possibility of being left in the dark.

Seek help from a PetersenDean Sales Consultant, for truly off-grid systems.