Texas Roofing Components

Make sure to choose the right gutters and venting for your new roof.


Gutters run beneath the roofline and are necessary for proper drainage. The size, shape, and color of a gutter system typically are tailored to the roof style and overall home aesthetic. PetersenDean has a large selection of sheet metal products and gutters to choose from, with many different gutter accessories to match. Gutters are typically made of aluminum or steel and we offer complete gutter installation with our roofing products.

PetersenDean Representatives will discuss the following gutter options during the roofing consultation:

Seamless Gutter K-Style Gutter Curved Fascia Gutter Deco Gutter
Seamless Gutter System curved tile shingle roof Seamless Gutter K-Style composition shingle roof Seamless gutter curved fascia style flat concrete tile roof Roofing Components - Seamless Gutter Deco style curved tile roof

Watch PetersenDean’s roofing crew demonstrate seamless gutter production and installation.

Video: Seamless Gutter Production & Gutter Installation


Attic ventilation is an important part of a roofing installation project to meet comfort and building codes. Roof vents extend the life of a roof, prevent mold, guard against internal temperature extremes and reduces the cost of heating and cooling a home.  The roof material and personal style preference determines the type of ventilation is right for your home.

PetersenDean Representatives will discuss the following ventilation options during the roofing consultation:

O’Hagin’s Vents Dormer’s Vents Eyebrow Vents Ridge Vents
Residential Roofing flat concrete tile shingle O'Hagin vent Residential Roofing Composite Shingle Dormer Vent Residential Roofing composite shingle ridge vent