Solar and Roofing Installation

If you need a new roof it is the perfect time to upgrade to solar power in one easy project. PetersenDean holds licenses for roofing and solar. We can provide you with the roofing system you want, plus home solar power, saving you thousands of dollars in energy costs. With PetersenDean solar roofing you have the confidence that you are getting world class installation services, an industry leading solar roofing warranty and guaranteed savings with a solar roof.

Simplify the Bid Process

A combined solar roofing estimate will save you time. We all know that picking one contractor can be time consuming, let alone having to review multiple bids for a roof and do it again for the solar. PetersenDean is a licensed roofing and solar contractor to help you simplify the process. Our sales consultants are trained to discuss roof and solar options and provide homeowners with all in one solar quotes. We can provide you with a new roof estimate and a solar assessment which is unique and a certain time saver for homeowners.

Save Money on Construction

Working with PetersenDean on a combined solar roofing project is efficient for you and us. Selecting one contractor for your roofing and solar project creates operational efficiency, and we pass savings directly onto our customers. One company means that you have one proposal, one company, one project manager, and one warranty. Contact us for a free estimate and save time and money on your solar roofing project.

Comprehensive Roof Warranty

Working with PetersenDean ensures your project is done right, the first time, and we take care of your roof. PetersenDean backs up our solar roofing installations with an industry leading comprehensive roof warranty that covers the whole roof and the solar system. No other company can offer this comprehensive protection.

Roof and Solar for $0 Down

Most of the solar companies offer solar for $0 down. But as the largest roofing and solar company in the US, PetersenDean can offer our customers solar roofing for $0 down. Solar is affordable and great to consider, especially when building a new roof. To help we have developed home improvement financing options for clients to install a new roof and upgrade to solar power for $0 down. To learn more about these options contact PetersenDean today.