Solar is a good investment for Silicon Valley


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Solar is a good investment for Silicon Valley

Solar energy — a renewable investment

Recently San Jose was recognized for their leadership in solar energy adoption and placing second in solar installations per capita in the state. The Silicon Valley Business Journal interviewed leading Bay Area Solar Installation companies about why solar has become a mainstream technology and why consumers and business think solar is a good investment.

Specifically Jim Petersen was interviewed about the residential solar retrofit market and provided insight into solar becoming a standard feature in new home construction projects. Price reductions for solar panels have made solar installation more affordable. Lower priced solar installation and everrising utility rates, are driving consumer demand for solar in the Bay area and across the county. “When given the choice to continue to pay more and more for electricity, vs. a nominal fee to switch to solar and guaranteed that your electric rates are locked at $0.08-$0.11 forever, Consumers are choosing solar because solar is a good investment.

Utility prices historically drive the consumer market, but as a result of affordability, and new building requirements. More and more builders and developers are integrating solar into new home construction. “As prices continue to drop, more builders and developers are offering solar as standard in their new communities,” Petersen notes. New building codes are requiring green technologies for new construction permits and consumers are demanding energy efficiency technologies. Solar is homerun for builders because their customers end up saving real money. Price reduction have made solar upgrades about the same price as windows, plus consumer understand with solar there is real savings and long-term value for a new home with solar.

Although demand for solar energy installation is growing throughout the country, Petersen is looking beyond installations to sustain the industry. “It’s time that Silicon Valley supported solar manufacturing,” he says. PetersenDean, which is the largest privately held roofing and solar company in the nation. “We need to realize that solar is a good investment in clean technology, middle class jobs and our energy future.” PetersenDean recently committed to partnering only with American-based solar manufacturers to support the Solar4America Campaign.

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