Solar The Eco-Friendly and Economically Wise Energy Solution


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Solar The Eco-Friendly and Economically Wise Energy Solution

Jim Petersen contributes to Builder and Developer Magazine

Solar: The Eco-Friendly and Economically Wise Energy Solution

As solar panel installation becomes more affordable, homeowners and home builders are seeing solar as a solid investment. Installing solar panels has many benefits, but the biggest are economical and environmental. No matter if the solar is installed on an existing building or integrated into the roof on a new home, solar saves money and reduces the carbon footprint of a home. Bottom line, solar power is cleaner power and cheaper power than the utilities offer.

When it comes to building environmentally responsible homes, we at PetersenDean believe that solar is a crucial component. As an installer of solar products for residential customers since 1984, we have long been committed to powering American homes smarter. We have also made a commitment to transparent pricing and helping homeowners own solar power for the best value and long term savings.

PetersenDean not only provides high quality solar installation services, the company is also focusing on implementing business practices that contribute to shrinking the overall ecological imprint of the company as much as possible. This includes sourcing solar power equipment from North America, reducing the transportation distance involved. Solar ownership, transparent pricing and sourcing North American products are all part of the Solar4America Campaign.

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