Summing up the 2009 Educational Year with PetersenDean


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Summing up the 2009 Educational Year with PetersenDean

MVROP, PetersenDean Provides Lectures and Jobs for Newark’s Mission Valley Regional Occupational Program

PetersenDean’s involvement in education comes in various venues. “We are ready to be involved with the community either by volunteering PetersenDean personnel to lead a class and donate materials so students can practice hands-on (MVROP), creating real jobs for displaced employees and graduating students (WIA-OJT), donating computing equipment (MSJE), scholarships (NMHS), or just a bit of fun, concert tickets for teachers (TFT).” says PetersenDean CEO, Jim Petersen.

Newark, June 29, 2010.  As reported in MVROP’s Reflections Newsletter Spring 2010: “PetersenDean, Inc. has fully immersed itself as a Green Initiative Business Partner by working with MVROP to create appropriate curriculum for the Solar Education component of the Construction Technology Program. They also donated over 200 hours of industry instruction and expertise within the classroom over a thirteen-week period during the spring 2010 semester.  The instruction and training by various high-level PetersenDean, Inc. Directors, VP’s, and trainers has been a pivotal piece of this newly piloted part of the Construction Technology Program. After the success of this semester’s instruction and training, the Solar Education portion of the Construction Technology Program will be offered in the 2010-2011 school year.”

The Fremont MVROP Governing Council recognized PetersenDean on June 24, 2010 for their significant contribution of materials, personnel, for creating inspiration, and providing real jobs for up to 10 graduating students.

WIA-OJT Program Ohlone One Stop 

Newark, May 4, 2010. An act of congress created the Workforce Investment Act program to provide Federal dollars to employers who hire those who have lost jobs due to a troubled economy. PetersenDean and Ohlone One Stop signed a Master Agreement to collaborate on May 4, 2010 and as a result, PetersenDean conducted over 20 interviews of displaced NUMMI employees, offering jobs to three candidates. The positions include CAD Drafter, Scheduling Project Manager, and Solar Sales Manager.  Jim Petersen, CEO of PetersenDean, feels that “viable, local companies have a responsibility to try and bring displaced employees into our businesses; to give someone displaced for no fault of their own a chance to transfer their skills in a new line of business. Federal dollars help employers like PetersenDean during the on-the-job training process; an incentive even if it doesn’t cover the cost of the whole process.” Interviews and employment opportunities will continue within PetersenDean Solar teams.

MSJE, Mission San Jose Elementary School 

Fremont, November 2009. PetersenDean donated four Dell desktop computers and five flat panel monitors to Mission San Jose Elementary School computer lab when hearing of a need for updated computers. Says Jim Petersen, CEO of PetersenDean, I strongly believe in supporting local schools,  “it makes me feel good to know students race to use the newer machines because they are faster and modern looking and, according to students ‘make us feel good because they look brand new’.”

NMHS, PetersenDean offers Two Scholarships to Newark Memorial High School

When approached to support graduating seniors, Jim Petersen, CEO of PetersenDean jumped to meet the challenge by offering two scholarships to graduating seniors. The first and second place winners receive a $1,000 and $500 prize, respectively.  Seven students entered the competition by writing a 2-page paper on the environment, recycling and green technology, and a one-page essay about themselves. In addition, students must have a grade point average of 3.0 or higher to compete for the scholarships. According to R. Petersen, evaluator, “trying to decide on the winners was one of the most difficult decisions I’ve had to make. These students really need the boost of a scholarship and have written great papers. I am grateful to Jim for offering this type of incentive to students struggling to make ends meet while trying to get an education”.

Tickets for TeachersTFT, PetersenDean creates a Tickets For Teachers Program 

Newark, June 2010.  PetersenDean awarded concert tickets to two lucky teachers from Fremont Unified School District, Mission San Jose Elementary School. The teachers will attend a concert performed by The Bare Naked Ladies, part of the Wente Brothers Concert Series summer lineup. “Jim Petersen, CEO of PetersenDean, is a firm believer in demonstrating gratitude to teachers, especially in these tough times, and he is ready to put his money where his belief is. Jim steered the tickets, meant for PetersenDean valued customers, to the teachers and their partners who will enjoy premium seating, a sumptuous dinner, and Wente wines,” reports R. Petersen, Director of Educational Outreach for PetersenDean. “It was so nice to see the teacher’s smiles and to see how excited they were to receive their ticket packets.”